Strategy: How to choose a strategy

Trading strategy is a certain type of behavior and a set of actions and tactical techniques that are performed by the trader in the event of a particular situation in the market. The strategy provides an opportunity to maximize profits and reduce possible risks. So, the strategy, using the information of technical analysis, “advises” when and which transaction to open, or, for example, to wait for a while before the onset of a better situation. There are numerous trading strategies. We consider some of them, suitable for the work of novice traders.

Strategy based on Bollinger Bands. The strategy is easy to apply and effective enough in moments of calm behavior, but it can not be applied at the time of sharp market movements.

A strategy based on moving averages. It is most effective in those moments when the market is very active, including moments of crises. The strategy is available even for traders with low initial capital.

Strategy based on breakthrough of a resistance level. A universal strategy, applicable for both calm and dynamic markets. A balanced and progressive strategy.


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