How to earn in the Forex market?

Example of a typical Forex deal:

According to your forecast at a certain point, the dollar’s exchange rate against the euro is going to increase. Based on the forecast, you give the order to open the transaction. If the market justifies your forecast, then the transaction generates you a certain profit. The size of the profit depends on the size of the transaction and on how much the exchange rate has increased. When the profit reaches the limit you have planned, you can fix it by giving an order to close the deal. If your forecast isn’t accurate, you sustain a certain loss (depending on the size of the open transaction and on how much the exchange rate has decreased).

You can also choose the time at which the transaction will be opened. Changes in rates occur constantly, sometimes every second, and transactions can give results in a very short time. It is this pace that attracts investors. The unique speed of operations in the Forex market allows providing traders with the highest possible level of potential profit.


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