How to minimize risks?

You decided that in case of failure, your loss should not exceed 10% of the funds you invested in your deal, so you pre-set the appropriate order on the trading platform – to close the deal in case of a loss of 10% (this is called Stop loss). In this case, if you lose 10% of the invested funds, the transaction will automatically close, you will lose only 10 dollars out of 100, and the balance in the amount of $90 will return to your personal account (deposit). In the event that Stop loss is not set, the losses can be as high as $100. Stop-loss limits the allowable loss levels.

Trading in the Forex market is associated with certain risks of losses, the basic law of the financial world works here: the higher the profitability, the higher the risks. Market experts recall the need to take into account the high risk level in this market. Do not risk unnecessarily and do not invest in operations amounts the loss of which will damage your personal budget. Soberly assess the risks and your opportunities.


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